Not Dead

2016-10-30 19:51:36 by Animator9

I'm not dead <3


My current agenda of cartoonness

1. Music Video

2. Unlikables 3

3. Bees Be Gone

4. Man's Best Rat

(MAYBE) The Unlikables Movie


About the Unlikables movie...


(Length will probably be 7-20 minutes long)

(Maybe new characters will be added)

(Maybe will finish off the series)



New Cartoon

2016-08-05 17:46:42 by Animator9

Hey guys,


I just uploaded a new cartoon it's called "Be Cheap".


Go check it out!

a rating would be appreciated!



2016-06-26 15:26:21 by Animator9


I'm not going to be able to make a lot of content for a while because I'm moving soon, So do not expect a lot of cartoons for 2016


Thank you for understanding! :)


- Animator9


Unlikables Wikia

2016-03-19 20:56:59 by Animator9

Hey guys, I made a Unlikables Wiki!

It will give you updates and special previews of future episodes and soon behind the scenes will be added as special content!



Another Update 12/19/15

2015-12-19 23:43:57 by Animator9

Hey guys, another update yay. I have alot of things to tell. There are 3 projects that are coming soon 'Gilbert Gottfired Parody', 'Bees Be Gone' and The Unlikables two. Now Bees Be Gone I've been working on for a LONG TIME longer than the unlikables. Bees Be Gone has a special voice actor ThePivotsXXD! Now Unlikables two is going well, its ALMOST done just a few more scenes and its done. So yeah expect alot of projects coming out in the future.

I just wanna say thank you all so much for helping me with my projects I cannot thank you guys enough.

Thank you


Happy Holidays!



2015-11-16 16:32:10 by Animator9

Hey guys, I just want to do a update on the second episode of The Unlikables. This update is targeted to my friends that have helped me with this episode. You guys are probably thinking. WHERE THE HELL IS THE UNLIKABLES 2 ANIMATOR9! Well The Unlikables is on a HUGE delay here are the reasons. 1. My animation software is not working right. 2. It takes months to make a unlikables! 3. Tech support is refusing to help me! So yeah its on a big delay.


But thank you guys for helping me with this HUGE collaboration I cant thank you enough for helping me with this series.


2015-09-05 23:22:15 by Animator9

I am happy to announce the official The Unlikables FACEBOOK PAGE!


2015-09-03 21:08:27 by Animator9

Hey guys just saying if you ever need to collab with a animator I am always available. So feel free to collab with me!

New name!

2015-06-27 19:50:23 by Animator9

Just saying my new name is Pantaloons... Just so you know!